My name is AJAO MARVELLOUS I was born in ijaye Lagos State Nigeria in February 14 1994 I’m from ogun state mean why I brought up in Golden crown city igbesa lusada agbara ogun state, from my childhood i listen to music, that is the way I am into music in 2004 but I have a lot of challenges that is why I released my first track in 2010 people, they was like your parents is clergy the whole son of celestial pastor how would you be a hip_pop musician that is the way I quit for some time, so I went out from my parents to learn a hard-working in ikeja computer village which is cinematography, firm direct, both video editing,that is where I met with different people and they discovered that music least in me, and they encourage, me that’s when I get close to music, I was like let me get a good studio, so i went to dra_san studio that is the way i get close with AY omo egba and we recorded a track in 2012, (WHAT WILL I DO) So 3years later, I need to let my street fans to Know that I’m still on music Level, so i need to product another track, which I did so in the same year 2015 in dj kaywise studio which is lisman studio, that is how I discovered that one of my senior brother has be come has a producer which is imotech on the beat, i get close with him that is how I realise alot of track
1) mavel kiss yago
2) mavel kiss _ na me
3) mavel kiss_any where
4) mavel kiss_counterfeit
5) mavel kiss ft jaywon_ aje
6)mavel kiss _ canadina
I need to burst there brain wait for my next track: ISABELLA


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8 thoughts on “Music:Mavel-Kiss_Canadina”

  1. Good work mavel Kiss.
    I could relate to every story you said.
    You’re talented bro.
    You’re bigger places

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