Sajib-majid also known as Sajib Imam is one of the out-standing personality in the Entertainment industry in kogi state. He is the definition of “RAW TALENTS” Sajib is a Rapper, an Actor, a producer, a Nollywood Director, Makeup effect specialist. After his couple of his hit songs in the previous years, like:

1) What is your problem in 2018
2) Shining- 2017
3) Utome-no Master-2016

He has come again to bless his fans with such an inspiration and motivational R&B Hip-hop, titled CONFLUENCE STATE. This track is the God sent Blessing to all hustlers. And I bet, you must put you devices on repeat. Sajib-majid is all time motivational speaker and known Director. Some of the movies he directed are.
Agenda. Arrested majid, painful Exit. Inner Room (Ejefu Ogwu) painful achievement, One’s fortune (Olobo Ene), Ene-kae, Battle of love (Ogwu Ufedo) Ukedono (Reliance) and lots more. Sajib-majid hail from Ankpa in Kogi State and a blessing to Nigeria at large. BFNOLLYWOOD Discovery”

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