Notwithstanding The Current Situation Of The World, this month shares a beautiful melody produced by Walker Ondabeat titled “The Blood Of Jesus Christ” by Larry Ewoh.

Larry Ewoh is a worshiper and a recording artiste who hails from Nigeria. he comes out again to feed our gospel minds with a song of praise, which he says it’s not just a song but a sacrifice, an offering unto God.

In his words he describes the song alongside scriptural references:

“It’s a cry of the spirit voiced out in a song , an invite to come partake of the love of the father , a revival to rekindle our love life. It’s also a change of love story, a call to love and be loved and a reminder of God’s love.God is love and He gave because of love so we give Him back our lives for all we are belongs to Him.

The Blood Of Jesus Christ is a song that will always keep you happy; and if you feel rejected, unloved, unappreciated, or abandoned, kindly take some dose of God’s love, inhale it, play it and dance to it .



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14 thoughts on “Music:Larry Ewoh – The Blood Of Jesus Christ

  1. This is more than amazing, I feel so so blessed by the song. More more grace for greater exploits sir.

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